Our company

As Let-19 company, we offer quality services to our customers as a leading and innovative brand in the health, disinfection and antiseptic product sector. We are aware of the importance of human health and cleanliness in our age. We aim to touch the lives of our valued customers with the products we produce as a result of our R&D research that lasted for 12 years.

We offer a 100% clean life to our citizens with our disinfectants with hypochlorous acid main substance, which we produce with the approval of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Health. We succeeded in creating a revolution in the sector with these products that do not contain alcohol, have antiseptic properties, and purify viruses and bacteria from surfaces and our bodies. Moreover, unlike our competitors, we have top-class disinfectants with a shelf life of up to 24 months. Together with our team, we continue to develop our products in the light of technological developments and successfully pursue our goal of producing the best quality disinfectants in the market.

Before we started our services in 2021, we entered a development and R&D process that took many years. In this process, we have taken great steps towards the production of the most stable and alcohol-free antiseptic solutions of the market, which is our main goal. By developing the components of our peers abroad, we offered the most effective disinfectants that our customers have seen across the country, as a result of great determination.

We are proud of the fact that we have produced the most accurate and high quality product with our hypochlorous acid component products. The dedication and efforts of our team in this process have paid off, making Let-19 a brand in the cleaning industry. We owe it to ourselves to stick to our philosophies while creating our products from scratch, now and in the future, and to satisfy our customers at all times.

Our Mission

We see it as our main duty to produce the highest quality products by maintaining the customer satisfaction-oriented service we have had since we entered the sector. Our R&D team continues to work non-stop after 12 years of work and they keep our product reliability and quality assurance that our customers hear at the highest level. At the same time, we aim to produce long-lasting products and create revolutionary disinfectants with a shelf life of 24 months. We continue to be an environmentally conscious and innovative company that responds to the questions and needs of our citizens immediately. In this way, we can fulfill the main mission we have in our country and maintain our current position and prestige as a team.

Our Vision

We achieved our goal of producing the most accurate and high quality non-alcoholic antiseptic solution produced in Turkey with our hypochlorous acid-based products. Our next goals are to become a leader in the Turkish market and to carry our success story abroad. We are confident that we will achieve these goals in the light of our management team, our valuable team, our expert R&D employees and our valued customers who trust us.

In addition to this, we are planning to expand our product range and add the main items that are currently needed in the world to the Let-19 inventory. We add new ones to the work we have done since the past years and aim to meet the cleaning needs of all living things in the best way. In the future; You can be absolutely sure that we will come before you with products that are natural, fulfilling the needs of living things, have the highest quality compounds, are fast-acting and healthy, and that we will become the leader in the sector.

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