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What Is Hypochlorous Acid?

What Is Hypochlorous Acid?

The hypochlorous acid, which is released as a result of a rapid reaction mechanism produced by our body against viral and bacterial infections, destroys the invaders in seconds. This substance, which the human body produces under natural conditions, is one of the most important components of our body's primary line of defense. Hypochlorous disinfectants, on the other hand, are among the new generation inventions inspired by the miracles of the human body.

You can reach disinfectants with hypochlorous acid components, which are frequently used in the health world and whose effectiveness is known, with the assurance of Let-19. You can perform the most effective cleaning with disinfectants and antiseptic solutions produced by our team as a result of many years of research. If you want, let's get to know this healthy and effective cleaning agent that creates wonderful effects.

How Is Hypochlorous Acid Obtained?

Although it can be obtained by modern methods such as the hypochlorous acid device, the hypochlorous substance was first obtained by applying electricity to salt water. HOCl, that is, hypochlorous compound, which is seen in very small proportions, was reproduced by electrolysis method using advanced technology membrane in the following years. Thus, as humanity, we have reached clearer information and better results about the benefits of hypochlorous acid.

Previously, this substance was known only in the medical world as a defense compound produced by white blood cells against viruses and bacteria. Now, the hypochlorous substance is frequently used in disinfectants, making our lives much easier and helping us cope with huge virus outbreaks.

Benefits of Hypochlorous Disinfectants

We all know the hypochlorite (ClO-) ion, which is the active ingredient in bleach, as a good cleaner. But the hypochlorite ion has a very slow effect in preventing viral and bacterial infections. While disinfectants made using hypochlorous acid active substance destroy foreign substances within seconds, this period may take up to half an hour for hypochlorite.

Moreover, since it is produced in the human body, living tissues do not react to this substance. After all, all the chemicals and components we use in our daily lives can pose a threat to our health. But among the benefits of hypochlorous acid, we can add the fact that it is a compound that the human body is familiar with.

Apart from that, you can apply hypochlorous disinfectants to all surfaces with peace of mind. Despite the mention of acid in its name, this substance, which is as weak as fruit acids, does not show any deforming reactions. This item, which you can wash even fruits and vegetables, will provide you with a great convenience in your daily life. You can use disinfectants containing hypochlorous acid with peace of mind to protect from infections, not be affected by the pandemic, to keep your family healthy and for many other effects.

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