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What are the Uses of Hypochlorous Acid?

What are the Uses of Hypochlorous Acid?

Hypochlorous acid is an effective and immediate reaction compound that our body produces against pathogens. When white blood cells encounter a foreign virus or bacteria, they secrete hypochlorous acid to destroy their cell wall and neutralize these cells. This substance, which takes action immediately and sticks to these microorganisms and kills them, is one of the most effective antiseptic substances from humans.

So, is this super substance produced in the human body used for our benefit in our daily lives? We can safely answer yes to this question. Like all inventions produced by taking precedents from the living body in nature, hypochlorous-based products also occupy a large place in our lives. This substance, which is used in the cleaning of many areas such as hands, face, body, inanimate materials, fruits and vegetables, has other useful properties. Its deodorizing feature, triggering cell renewal and many other benefits come with hypochlorous acid-based products. If you want, let's take a look at where this natural disinfectant appears in our daily lives.

Surface Cleaning with Hypochlorous Acid

In areas where many people work and frequently use, disinfection processes are of vital importance. In these times, when the corona virus epidemic has put our lives in a deadlock, disinfection processes are now one of the conditions sought in every business. Toilets, dining areas, restaurants, cafes, workplaces, gyms and many places are frequently disinfected.

Hypochlorous acid, on the other hand, takes the lead among the substances used in this field with its odorless structure and high efficiency level. We can say that this product, which acts instantly on inanimate surfaces and reduces the rate of viruses and bacteria by 99.99%, is one of the best in its field. In these times when the epidemic affects our lives, you can show that you value the health of your customers by using this product both at home and outside. Hypochlorous acid surface disinfectants will be your savior with their practical, affordable, fast-acting and many more useful features! Moreover, the disinfectants you buy with the assurance of Let-19 have a shelf life of 24 months. So by shopping once, you will be able to use these reliable products for years.

Use of Hypochlorous Disinfectant on Living Things

It would not be wrong to say that hand sanitizers and antiseptics for cleaning foods are now among the number one actors in our bag. In our daily life, we come into contact with many places that we cannot trust and that have the risk of contamination, and we increase our probability of catching the virus. We can get rid of all these risks instantly with hypochlorous hand disinfectants. This substance, which is produced by the human body itself, does not contain any allergen risk and turns into a defense tool that we can easily use in our body. Disinfectants containing Hypochlorous acid, which have very beneficial effects on our family, children and ourselves, are frequently used in our daily lives.

Apart from this, you can disinfect even vegetables and fruits with Hypochlorous acid, which has a very low acidity and does not harm the human body. When you clean the foods that are not known through which processes or what they are contaminated with, with hypochlorous disinfectant, you will both protect your health and not spoil the structure of the food. That's why, as Let-19, we strongly recommend you our hand disinfectants that you can use on your pets, hands, children and in every area of ​​your life.

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