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Why Water Based Disinfectant

Why Water Based Disinfectant

The answer to the question of which disinfectant should we use actually varies according to the content and effect of the disinfectant. Although it was previously claimed that alcohol-based disinfectants are more effective and cleaner, now, with the advancing technology, the popularity of water-based disinfectants has increased. We definitely recommend you the hypochlorous acid active and water-based disinfectants, which are more familiar to our body and have less harm than alcohol-based disinfectants.

Water-based disinfectants, which destroy bacteria and viruses in our body up to 99.99% in seconds, get this feature from hypochlorous acid. This weak acid, a natural compound produced in our body, is one of the gold mines of the disinfectant industry. Let's take a closer look at the effect of this miraculous hypochlorous acid.

What Does Hypochlorous Acid Do?

Hypochlorous acid is actually a compound produced by our body's white blood cells. This compound, which plays a role in neutralizing foreign microorganisms that enter our body, continues to be adapted to our daily lives. Hypochlorous acid, which has become the industry's favorite with its rapid effect and high disinfection rate, continues to increase the prevalence of water-based disinfectants.

Hypochlorous acid attacks viruses and bacteria in less than a second, destroying them and disinfecting the area. We can say that this substance, which can be used with peace of mind both on the human body and on inanimate surfaces, produces definite results. Moreover, being water-based eliminates the risks that may occur in hand and face use.

The hypochlorous acid compound and its antiseptic products, which are frequently used in surgery and medicine, are very effective in disinfection before and after surgery. This compound, which is frequently produced in the body, can be integrated into surgical operations with peace of mind. We can say that hypochlorous acid, one of the most modern and innovative products used in antisepsis and disinfection processes, is the world's number one in the disinfection sector.

Does Hypochlorous Acid Damage Skin?

Since disinfectants and antiseptic products are chemical in nature, everyone has the thought of harming my body. Since most antiseptic products are alcohol-based, these products can harm the skin or the body. But we must say that this risk is almost zero in water-based products.

Water-based hypochlorous acid disinfectants are not harmful to the skin. With this product, you will not face any problems such as allergies, abrasions, redness, itching or rash. You can easily use this substance, which we often encounter in the human body, as an antiseptic. This effective cleaning agent, which is used in all parts of the world and is famous for not posing a threat to health, comes to protect you from diseases.

From this point of view, you can use hand and face disinfectants with hypochlorous acid active ingredient with peace of mind. You can choose these products for disinfection in your daily life or for the cleaning of your children and family. Hypochlorous acid, one of the strongest antiseptic substances in the world, protects both your health and your skin in the best possible way.

Is Hypochlorous Acid Squeezed into the Mouth?

Our mouth is one of our important body parts that we need to protect and avoid from microorganisms. When we do not pay attention to oral health, we may encounter important problems such as inflammation, aphthae, caries, gingival sensitivity and tooth loss. For this, besides brushing teeth, we often need to use important antiseptics that balance the oral flora.

Special hypochlorous acid-based antiseptics produced for the mouth can be sprayed in the mouth with peace of mind and help you to protect your oral health. Hypochlorous acid, which is used in dental clinics, in the prevention of oral inflammation and in many areas of medicine, has no harm. Therefore, you can start using these products without any hesitation.

It is quite possible with hypochlorous acid to destroy bacteria that cause inflammation, tooth abscesses, cavities and other problems in the mouth. With regular use, you do not need to be afraid as you touch this product to your mouth, which greatly reduces your oral complaints. You can experience good results yourself by using doctor's advice and oral products.

Is Hypochlorous Acid Effective?

Among the disinfectant and antiseptic products, the most effective products were known as mixtures with high alcohol content. Thanks to the high disinfecting property of alcohol, all of the antiseptic products were produced with alcohol. But everything changed after the discovery of hypochlorous acid and its adaptation to our daily lives. Now we can experience how effective water-based disinfectants are.

Hypochlorous acid, a chemical compound that destroys 99.99% of viruses and bacteria in the body within seconds, has the same effect in disinfectants. After this intense effect, hypochlorous acid, which has become very popular around the world, is the best active ingredient of new generation disinfectants. You should definitely try hypochlorous acid for the most effective results on both living areas and inanimate surfaces.

With its laboratory-approved disinfection rates, it can be used everywhere from inside the mouth to metal surfaces, from household items to hands and face. In fact, hypochlorous acid can be used in the disinfection of vegetables and fruits, which had a great impact during the corona virus period. With these properties, we definitely recommend hypochlorous acid, one of the most unique substances in the world, to everyone.

As Let19, we produce the most effective hypochlorous acid active and water-based disinfectants. By trying our products, you can spend your life in a healthy and clean way. A cleaner life awaits you with this miraculous and effective substance coming from inside our body! Come on, beautify your life with new generation disinfectants by ordering our hand and face disinfectant products and get the opportunity to try Let19's quality products!

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